Whether you are after a family home, holiday home or investment property, we have a plan to suit your need. We will work with you from the start to help bring your ideas of your dream home to life. During this process, we get to know you and what your needs are from a home so that we can help adjust the design that works for you. Whether you only have a rough idea or fully drawn plans, get in touch with us so we can help you get started. We’ll be handling all the stuff like working plans, engineer drawings, council approvals, city approvals and any certificates and registrations that need to be done.


After the initial design process, with the materials all fitting in place, each part of the constructing process has been planned and is now translated into action as your home begins to be built. During the constructing process, we will communicate and keep you fully aware of what is happening and when. You will have a dedicated site manager who takes full accountability for project completion on time, on budget and of the highest standard. This is not a “side job”, we are fully committed to your project.